Peter Andrew Ryan

Spring 2011 Frame CMS Design & Development

FRAME CMS is a hand-written php app framework flexible enough to support a simple website or a complex multi-user application. FRAME also features user types, blogs, and file management.

I used FRAME as the basis for several other personal projects, including previous versions of my portfolio as well as the wedding thing we used to help organize our big day. Rolling your own CMS is a sort of rite of passage for novice web developers, but I was determined to create something robust where most importantly, I understood every line in the codebase.

The following images are actual screenshots of the application taken while I was using FRAME to create a previous version of my portfolio.

A drag and drop interface for creating and organizing new pages.
A simple form for adding a new portfolio piece to my website.

Under the hood of the actual CMS interface is an engine that allows for basic object list and forms, flexible and extensible for different needs.

Creating a system for uploading and managing assets was not something I ever thought I would do from scratch, but here we are.

Development of FRAME has ceased. The experience of creating a framework was invaluable, but continuing to maintain one, as a side project, was not going to be viable.